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3-D & Virtual Surgery

3-D & Virtual Simulation
Virtual 3D Surgical Simulation


At The Center for Aesthetic & Reconstructive Jaw Surgery, we use cutting-edge virtual technology to evaluate and plan surgery. Using 3D virtual surgical planning software, we are able to perform corrective jaw surgery procedures in a virtual environment. This technology provides valuable information regarding the type of procedures and the specific movements performed (measured to one hundredth of a millimeter), as well as predictions of post-operative facial appearance. The surgical plan is then transferred to the patient through custom computer-engineered surgical splints and cutting guides, improving accuracy and surgical outcomes.


Images from a virtual surgical case performed in our center

FIGURE 1 Facial bones and teeth prior to virtual surgery


FIGURE 2 Virtual surgery performed on maxilla (upper jaw)


FIGURE 3 Virtual surgery performed on mandible (lower jaw)


FIGURE 4 Virtual surgery performed on maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw)


FIGURE 5 Before and after virtual surgery


FIGURE 6 Complete virtual surgical plan


3-D Printed Models
3D Printed Models of the Facial Bones


In more complex cases, surgery in the virtual environment may not provide enough information. When this is the case, we use state-of-the-art 3D tactile surgical planning. The same specialized facial scan is employed to print an exact plastic replication of the patient’s facial skeleton, teeth, and nerves. This model, which is created with ultra high-tech precision 3D printers, is then used to perform all necessary presurgical planning. We can perform virtual surgery on the model and make accurate measurements using the Paradigm(TM) custom accugnath(TM) device.

FIGURE 1 Custom-printed 3D model of facial bones mounted on the accugnath(TM)


“These models are like having the patient’s face in our hands. They provide an incredible amount of information. Performing presurgical planning utilizing these models and the accugnath(TM) is the closest simulation of the actual surgery.” —John P. Amato DDS, MD

3-D Printed Surgical Guides
3-D Printed Surgical Guides


Surgical Navigation & Robotic
Surgical Navigation & Robotic Surgery

This page is currently under development. Please check back later for information about Surgical Navigation & Robotic surgery.

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