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Examination of the Face


The Amato Facial Proportions Analysis by John P. Amato, DDS, MD


Copyright © 2014 by John P. Amato, DDS, MD

“The beauty of the face does not lie in specific shapes or sizes but rather in ideal proportions."  -  John P. Amato, DDS, MD


When planning facial surgery, establishing the correct diagnosis is critical. This book was created to provide doctors, students, and patients with the knowledge to help make confident decisions regarding the diagnosis and treatment of facial aesthetic and reconstructive issues. The analysis presented in this book has been developed over the past 40 years and was created as a practical approach to facial analysis, focusing on anatomy relevant to facial surgery. The analysis incorporates several standardized proportions and angles combined with a new facial proportion analysis to create a simplified and unified approach to the facial exam.


Training in multiple diciplines has afforded me a unique approach to facial analysis which I have attempted to culminate in this book. The information should be used to help patients and practicioners when evaluating facial features, but is not a substitute for experience or clinical judgment when performing a comprehensive facial analysis.

John P. Amato DDS, MD


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