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Surgery with Invisalign®


Traditionally, jaw surgery requires the presence of braces on the teeth, but using new technology, in select cases, we are able to perform jaw surgery without the use of traditional metal or ceramic braces. A clear tray, tooth-straightening system like Invisalign® can sometimes be used instead of conventional braces to straighten the teeth before and after surgery. Our custom craniofacial company, Paradigm(TM), produces devices specifically designed for each individual patient to allow surgery without braces. Before beginning treatment, your orthodontist and our jaw surgeons will discuss your case to determine if this treatment option is possible for you. This treatment does not work for everyone; many situations still require conventional braces and more advanced orthodontic techniques.

What is Invisalign®

A modern approach to orthodontics uses a custom-made series of aligner trays. Invisalign® is the most common brand of clear tray aligners, an alternative to traditional braces. The aligners are made of smooth plastic and are worn over the teeth. They gradually and gently move teeth based on the exact movements the orthodontist has planned. Each tray must be worn by the patient for a specified amount of time, usually around 20 hours a day for two weeks.

Are You a Candidate For Surgery With Invisalign®

Your orthodontist will consider several factors to determine whether you are a candidate for using a clear tray system like Invisalign® before and after your surgery. If your orthodontist determines that the tooth movement you require is possible using a clear tray system, our surgeons will then decide if clear tray treatment is appropriate from a surgical standpoint.

Performing corrective jaw surgery using a clear tray system instead of traditional braces requires careful planning between your orthodontist and our surgeons. The Paradigm(TM) custom-fabricated device may be used alone or in conjunction with orthodontic brackets and hooks placed before your surgery.


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