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There is a close relationship between the functional and the aesthetic aspects of corrective jaw surgery.  “Form follows function” is a famous phrase used throughout all fields of medicine, but is particularly relevant to this type of surgery.  It means that when the bones and soft tissues of the body are repositioned to restore normal function, normal aesthetics are typically achieved as well. Although corrective jaw surgery is often performed to achieve specific goals related to either function or aesthetics, commonly both are improved simultaneously.


The knowledge gained from treating the functional issues related to an imbalance of the facial bones has resulted in techniques to improve facial aesthetics when functional impairments are not present.  Modern techniques allow us to reduce, augment, and reshape the facial bones.  The chin can be advanced or reduced, the cheekbones can be enhanced, the jawline can be remodeled as well as the forehead and orbits (bones around the eyes).  This allows for a new dimension in cosmetic surgery.


“A good decision is based on knowledge.” – Plato

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